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What's on my desk?

Writing accoutrements

Fifteen of my favorite things:

  • a lit candle

  • Wonder Woman magnet

  • a timer (for writing sprints)

  • a paper calendar with owls on it

  • Huxley the Mouse Writer, my muse

  • bottles of ink from around the world

  • two or three pairs of reading glasses

  • a steaming mug of Cream of Earl Grey

  • a brass bear reading a book pen holder

  • lots of L'Occitane shea butter hand cream

  • coasters designed like typewriter keyboards

  • a photo of the entrance to my parent's farm

  • a Build Your Book collage, a gift from a friend

  • talismans based on things found in my books

  • a pair of HP monitors—one for writing, one for researching

I shared mine. Your turn.

What accompaniment, accessory, or accoutrement is close by when you write?


The image was my sad attempt at painting books and wine at a Bob Ross-themed birthday party. Stick to writing, right?

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