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2021 mantra: One day at a time

2020 was strange and complicated. 2021 might be, too, so easing into this new year, I'm simplifying. I put aside resolutions well over a decade ago, but in more recent years, I adopted a mantra. This year, in honor of simplifying my life, I chose:

One day at a time

I was inspired by the New Year's Eve Instagram post from comedian, actor, and writer, Miranda Hart. I, too, can go gently and find joy in each day, even if it's only a moment or two. In 2020, I know I'm not alone when I look back to see that all the life expectations and writing goals I set up for myself didn't fully materialize. And that's okay.

2020 was bumpy. 2021 is doable. I'll be doing what I need, doing what I can, and doing what I love (WRITING!), one day at a time. Thanks, Miranda, for your "service to jolly life up".

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