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Rockaway Writers Rendezvous

A collection of original poems and short stories featuring the winners of the 2024 Rockaway Writers Rendezvous, an April annual writing event in Rockaway Beach, Oregon USA.

My story, RED SKY AT NIGHT, RUBY DELIGHT, won 2nd Place for Fiction and is included.

Here's what the editors had to say:

"The magic of writing and the mysterious journey it takes is on! It truly is the evolution of a writer’s soul.

We build the characters from our hearts, experiences, and observations of the world around us, pouring our minds and souls into every word. !

Our dream is to inspire creativity and recognition for aspiring writers of all ages.


We aim to raise scholarship funds for Neah-Kah-Nie High School students in Rockaway Beach pursuing writing careers.

After much hard work from a generous volunteer team, we are pleased to present the first Rockaway Writers Rendezvous Anthology."


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The Bread Also Rises

The Bread Also Rises is an anthology like no other. It combines the best of both worlds: captivating stories and delicious recipes.

Each tale references a food or drink, and at the end of the story is the recipe for you to try. So grab your apron, dust off your cooking skills, and prepare for a gastronomic-literary adventure.

My short story, SFOGLIATELLE, is included.

With The Bread Also Rises, you'll discover new stories and recipes that will make them unforgettable.

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My short story in the Historical Writers Forum Fiction Anthology (COMING SOON!)

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