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Living stories of Friuli

The best stories aren't told, or heard, or even seen. They are experienced.

~Amy Hartzler

Recently, Jonah Sachs, CEO of, visited our company headquarters and taught a team of us how to become better storytellers and incorporate storytelling into our sales and marketing communications. I wasn't able to attend, but I sure did hear some very positive feedback from the 2-day workshop.

As an author myself, I was delighted to learn he had a book so I immediately ordered his book, Story Wars, from our company library and then surfed his website. That's when I found the gem of a quote from Amy Hartzler.

Wow, I said aloud in my nearly-quiet office. That's what I want people to say about my stories about Friuli, my ancestral homeland. I want them to close one of my books and say, "I was there. I lived it (vicariously). I understand the land and the people of whom she speaks."

My current project is a historical fantasy trilogy that incorporates historical facts and people, and blends them into the lore and folklore of the Friulan people over three centuries. I will keep on keeping on making all my stories, living stories--all while weaving different generations, costumes (see traditional Friulan costume in photo), tall tales, and more into a colorful tapestry of words, images, and symbols.

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