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Book One: 'His Girl Friday meets Nancy Drew'  in this suspenseful tour de force

series subtitle: A Lina Da Ponte Novel

(working subtitle for a historical mystery series set in 1930s Portland, Oregon)

Note: Working titles exist for each of the first four books, but not revealing them here just yet. Also, any images are placeholders and for decorative purposes only.

STATUS: Final editing


(working title acronym for a historical fantasy trilogy set in Eastern Europe and Italy)


A seer and an ancient book. Ties to Pharaonic Egyptians and pre-Roman Etruscans. An ongoing race across Europe to escape royal and military foes with nefarious intent. Who will ultimately triumph at changing the destiny of families and nations?


The seer's tale spans three centuries as she is forced to face her legacy of fear—the loss of family, dangerous love, and the true source of her power. For the seer and her people, The Book spells only danger. Journey with the seer as she travels to and through Italy and the rest of Europe to overcome her fears and foes, with and without the help of The Book.

Book One


Set in 1796 during Napoleon's conquest of Italy and the last days of Catherine the Great

STATUS: Final editing
Book Two


Set in 1855-1861 during Italy's war of independence and eventual unification (Risorgimento)

STATUS: In progress
Book Three


Set in 1945 as Italy's royal dynasties face their demise during Mussolini's reign of terror

STATUS: Coming soon
Middle grade novella

Seattle, 1899


A group of misfits try to bully the "noobs", fraternal Italian twins and newly-arrived students, in to giving up a big secret about the school. The twins are only interested in using the magic they learn at their temporary school to find their lost parents, but the bullies and the headmistress have their own nefarious agenda. The twins race against time to defeat their foes and save their parents before a school secret hurts more than just their family.

STATUS: In progress
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