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Christmas-themed stories

This is just a fun page about my two upcoming Christmas-themed stories that will be out in the world in time for the 2024 winter holidays. One story centers around an Italian delicacy—panettone—while the other involves a pre-wedding murder. Both are set in 1899 at Christmastime in the Veneto and Friuli, 

the regions in northeastern Italy where my ancestors (and some current family) hail. 

To whet your appetite, here are some images that inspired both stories:

Chestnut seller.jpeg

Fun with an Edwardian Advent Calendar

Jacqui Lawson is a wonderful source for the classiest ecards on the web! The last few years, they've offered interactive advent calendars and this year, the Edwardian era is their theme. Besides the daily December reveal in the lead up to Christmas, there's PC games, puzzles and books, and more fun activities than ever before–from decorating your Christmas tree to weaving your very own tapestries–all set amidst a country manor in the English countryside.

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